Water (Winter 2013)

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Table of Contents

The Political Geography of Water by John Briscoe

The Struggle for Clean Drinking Water in Latin America by Joseph B. Treaster

Grandmothers and Engineers by Rebecca McMillan and Susan Spronk

A River for Millions by Gonzalo Alcalde and Diego Espejo

Amazon Rivers by Luiz Gabriel T. Azevedo

Investing in Latin America’s Water Factories by Nigel Asquith

Water-friendly Cities? by Monica Porto

Climate Change and the Amazon by Philip M. Fearnside

Water, the Energy Sector and Climate Change in Brazil by Angela Livino

Water in Oaxaca, Mexico Photoessay by Marianne Kinzer

From Water Wars to Water Scarcity by Emily Achtenberg

Al Son Del Río by Diana Lucía Duque Marín

Water Access by David Daepp

Cooperative Sanitation in Brazil’s Favelas by Susan Leal

El Liquido Vital by David Gullette

Making Water Safe in Haiti by Linda Khachadurian

Displacement by Maria Dieci

Colombia: Looking From Inside the Belly of the Beast A Review by Boris Muñoz

Reframing War and Local Conflict in Guatemala A Review by Deborah T. Levenson

The Last Word by Jai Chowdry Beeman