Memory: In Search of History and Democracy (Fall 2013)

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Table of Contents

Memories and Their Consequences by Merilee S. Grindle

Because They Were Taken Alive by Kirsten Weld

Patchwork Memories by Marjorie Agosín

Our Disappeared/Nuestros Desaparecidos by Juan Mandelbaum

Liquid Tombs for Colombia’s Disappeared by María Victoria Uribe

Prospects of Peace by Paolo Vignolo

A Search for Justice by Ana María Bidegaín

Displacement and Community Organizing by Julieta Lemaitre

The Alchemy of Narrative by Francisco Ortega

Democracy, Citizenship and Commemoration in Colombia by Maite Yie Garzón

The Language of Public Memory by J. Luke Pizzato

Keeping the Silence, Breaking the Silence by Robert J. Cox

Covering Central America in the 1980s by Scott Wallace

The First Draft of History by Juan O. Tamayo

The Rub by Doris Sommer

Memoryscape by Pamela Yates

Historical Footprints by Laura Barragán Montaña

Educating the “Good Citizen” by Michelle J. Bellino

A New Museum for Independence by Daniel Castro and Camilo Sánchez

In Search of Miss Esme by Marysa Navarro

Discovering Dominga by Mary Jo McConahay

Notes from Exile by Iván Jaksic

Unearthing the Past by Jedrek Mularski

Neruda and the Chilean Open Graves by Paula Molina

Violent Legacies, Intimate Photos A Review by Pablo Corral Vega

Writing the Rough Draft of Salvadoran History A Review by Jocelyn Viterna

Transforming the Andes A Review by Gary Urton

The Optimist’s Colombia A Review by Laura Jaramillo-Bernal

Mexico’s Great Transformation and U.S.-Mexican Relations A Review by Gabriel Aguilera

Beyond Mad Men A Review by Simon Romero

Recupera Chile by Ned Strong